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Manage Contracts

Contract Development and Approval Steps


The Grants Gateway allows State agencies and grantees (contractors) to manage contracts online. Contract management consists of two phases. During Contract Development, the State agency creates a draft contract for the contractor to review and update as needed. During Contract Approval, the contractor and the State agency sign the contract online.

NOTE: For contracts of $50,000 or more New York State Attorney General and New York State Comptroller review and approval are also required.

Find and Develop a Contract


Find a Contract

The Grants Gateway allows contractors to view all their State grant contracts in one single location.  All contracts can be accessed from the Grants Gateway home page by conducting a Contract Search.


Enter and Update Contract Details

When a State agency requires the contractor to update the draft contract, the agency will assign the task of "Contract Info Requested.” This may occur when a contractor must revise a budget or workplan, or take other action. 

Make Necessary Updates

The State agency will inform the contractor if necessary actions are required using the Grants Gateway Notes function, by email, or by phone. 

  1. Access the contract by using the Contract Search.
  2. Click the Forms Menu link.
  3. There are several sections in the Forms Menu that may need to be updated or have data entered into. Check with your Program Manager or Contract Manager to determine which sections need to be updated. Those sections include:
    • Program Information
    • Budget
    • Work Plan
    • Pre-Submission Uploads
    • Grantee Document Folder
  4. As changes are made, be sure to click the Save button on each page.
Preview Contract

Preview the contract before returning it to the State agency.

  1. Click the Forms Menu link.
  2. Scroll down to the Contract section and select Contract Preview. This will produce a PDF that you can download and view.  The PDF will display the current version of the contract, by populating the State’s Master Contract for Grants template with the information contained in the budget and workplan.
Submit Contract

After making the required changes and previewing the contract, submit your work to the State agency for review.

  1. Click the Status Changes link.
  2. Apply the status of “Contract Information Submitted.”
  3. The State agency will review the contract draft, and may send it back to the status of "Contract Info Requested" for additional revisions.
  4. The contract may be sent to the contractor and back to the State agency as many times as necessary.

Approve a Contract

When all necessary requirements are met, the State agency will assign the task of “Grantee Contract Signature Required.”  This the first in a series of signatures necessary to execute the contract.


Review Contract

Review the contract before signing.

  1. Access the contract by conducting a Contract Search.
  2. Click the Forms Menu link.
  3. Scroll down to the Contract section of the menu and click the Contract Versions link. 
  4. The Contract Versions form will display a link to the contract.
  5. Examine the contract carefully.  While each section is important, pay special attention to the budget and workplan.  If there are concerns that prevent your organization from signing, contact your State agency representative.

Sign Contract

To sign a contract, login as either a Grantee Contract Signatory or Grantee System Administrator.

  1. Click the Status Changes link.
  2. Apply the status of “Grantee Contract Signature Complete.”
  3. Review the required attestation.
  4. Click the I Agree button to sign the contract.
  5. A signed version of the contract bearing the signatory’s name can be viewed on the Contract Versions form.
  6. You will be notified by the State agency once your contract has been Approved by all parties.




Helpful Tips

  1. Communication: Regular communication with your agency contact will ensure success.  Whenever you access a contract, remember to check the Notes section for new guidance or direction.   
  2. Organization: Attempt to make all requested changes prior to resubmitting the contract.  If you are unsure about any particular instruction, ask your agency contact before submitting your work.  Submitting an incorrect or incomplete contract will only cause delays.
  3. Timeliness: Make all requested updates as soon as possible to keep your contract on schedule for on time approval.
  4. See Vendor User Guide below for complete directions on Contract Development and Approval. 

Vendor User Manual

The Vendor User Manual is a comprehensive guide for Grants Gateway users.