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Register Your Organization



Organizations must be registered in the Grants Gateway to compete for New York State grants. To register an organization, send a complete Registration Form for Administrators and accompanying documentation by email to [email protected].


Disclaimer: New York State Grants Management reserves 5-10 business days from the receipt of complete materials to process a registration request. Due to the length of time this process could take to complete, it is advised that new registrants send in their registration form as soon as possible. Failure to register early enough may prevent potential applicants from being able to complete a grant application on time.

Organizations are notified by email once registration is complete.

How to Register


  1. Download and complete the Registration Form for Administrators.
    • The form must include the original signature of the head of the organization.
    • The form must be notarized. The notary must complete each box in the “Acknowledgement to be completed by a Notary Public” section, and then sign and stamp the form.  Please note:  NYS now allows Electronic Notarization.  Notaries must be physically located in NYS for this service to be valid.  For more information on electronic notarization, visit the NYS Department of State Website.
  2. If your organization does not already have a New York State SFS Vendor ID, the Grants Management staff will obtain one for you. To do so, you must download, complete, and attach the Substitute W-9 Form.
    • If your organization already has an SFS Vendor ID, do not submit a Substitute W-9 form.
    • Please note, the process for obtaining an SFS Vendor ID can take 3-5 business days.
  3. Attach an organizational chart showing the head of your organization that identifies current leadership and staff members by position, name, and title. A Sample Organization Chart is available for you to view and an Organization Chart Template is available for you to complete.  If you are registering as an individual instead of on behalf of an organization, please submit your resume or CV in place of the organization chart. 
  4. Return all materials by email to [email protected].

Registration Form Instructions

The completed Registration Form for Administrators must be completed, notarized, and emailed.

Organization Information

  • Legal Name:  This field is for the business name, as it appears on the Articles of Incorporation or Business Certification
  • Doing Business As (DBA) Name: If the organization is doing business under a name other than the business Legal Name, enter it in this field
  • Federal ID: Organization's 9-digit Federal ID (FEIN)
  • SFS Vendor ID: Organization's 10-digit SFS Vendor ID, if your organization does not have an SFS Vendor ID, you need to submit a completed Substitute W-9 form with the Registration Form for Administrators
    • Download a copy of the Substitute W-9 form
  • DUNS Number: Organization's 9-digit DUNS Number, if your organization has one
  • Address: Organization's address

Organization Type

  • Organization Type: Select one (Not for Profit, For Profit, Governmental Entity, Tribal Organization, Individual)
  • Prequalification Exemption Request: Generally not for profit organizations must meet Prequalification requirements prior to applying for grants and being awarded contracts. However, certain categories of not for profits are exempt from this requirement. See details on this website for which organizations are able to seek exemption. If your organization meets the requirements for an exemption, check the “Prequalification Exemption Request” box.
    • NOTE: A complete Exemption Request Form and the required supporting documentation, available and listed on the website, must accompany the Registration Form for Administrator for organizations seeking an exemption.

Delegated Administrators

  • All organizations wishing to utilize the Grants Gateway must designate two Delegated Administrators to authorize and monitor access to the system for your organization.
    • Two Delegated Administrators are necessary in order to provide both backup and continuity for your organization.
    • If a Delegated Administrator leaves your organization the second Delegated Administrator will be the only remaining user with the authorization to inactivate the Delegated Administrator who left.
  • The Delegated Administrator is responsible for maintaining all aspects of the organization's user information.
    • This includes adding users, assigning roles, ensuring user's information is current and deactivating users in a timely fashion, if necessary.
  • Enter the Last Name, First Name, Title, Phone Number and Email Address for each Delegated Administrator.
    • The Email Address should be an email address belonging to an individual, since confidential information (including usernames and passwords) will be sent to this address.
    • An organization email address accessible by multiple persons should not be used.


  • This section must contain information on the Head of the Organization (for example, the Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Director, CEO or comparable title).
  • Enter the Last Name, First Name, Title, Phone Number and Email Address for the Head of the Organization.
  • The Head of the Organization must sign and date the form. 


  • This section must be completed and stamped by a Notary Public.
  • Email completed form to [email protected].
  • Include an organization chart that shows the Head of your Organization.
  • New Vendors must request an SFS ID. Include a completed copy of Substitute W-9 with this submission.

Registration Help

The Grants Management Team offers new users additional help with their registration forms in the following ways:

Registration Webinars: Every Thursday at 9:00 AM. Visit the webinars page for more information.

Help Desk: Contact the Help Desk for assistance with your registration form.

Registration Video: This 6-minute video walks you through the process of filling out and submitting the form.

Forms for Download

All organizations that wish to register with the Grants Gateway must print, fill out, notarize, and email the Registration Form to [email protected].

Organizations that do not yet have an SFS Vendor ID must also fill out and email the Substitute W-9 Form.

All organizations must also email an Organizational Chart with their registration materials.


    Substitute W9 Form

    If your organization does not already have a New York State SFS Vendor ID, download, complete, and attach the Substitute W-9 Form to the completed Registration Form for Administrators and the Grants Management team will obtain one on your behalf.