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Register Your Organization in SFS

Register Your Organization in SFS



Organizations must be registered in the Statewide Financial System to compete for New York State grants. To register an organization, send a complete Grants Management Registration Form for Statewide Financial System (SFS) Vendors and accompanying documentation where required by email to [email protected]


Disclaimer: New York State Grants Management reserves 5-10 business days from the receipt of complete materials to process a registration request. Due to the length of time this process could take to complete, it is advised that new registrants send in their registration form as soon as possible. Failure to register early enough may prevent potential applicants from being able to complete a grant application on time.


Organizations are notified by email once registration is complete.

How to Register

PLEASE NOTE:  Grant opportunities published in the Grants Gateway prior to the January 16, 2024 transition date, with a due date after January 16, 2024, will be completed in the Grants Gateway.  If you need to register in the Grants Gateway to apply for one of these Grant Opportunities, email our Help Desk and include the name of the grant opportunity you are applying for, the due date, organization name, organization SFS ID (if applicable), and contact name and phone number.  We will then verify the grant is offered in the Grants Gateway and provide a Grants Gateway registration form.



Download and complete the Grants Management Registration Form for Statewide Financial System (SFS) Vendors

  • The form must be authorized by the head of the organization.

  • The form must be notarized. The notary must complete each box in the “Acknowledgement to be completed by a Notary Public” section, and then sign and stamp the form.  Please note:  NYS now allows Electronic Notarization.  Notaries must be physically located in NYS for this service to be valid.  For more information on electronic notarization, visit the NYS Department of State Website.

  • If your organization does not already have a New York State SFS Vendor ID, complete and attach the Substitute W-9 Form 

  • If your organization already has an SFS Vendor ID, do not submit a Substitute W-9 Form.

  • Return all forms by email to [email protected].



Registration Form Instructions

Registration Form Instructions:

The Grants Management Registration Form for Statewide Financial System (SFS) Vendors must be completed and emailed.

Section 1: Vendor Information and Purpose

  • Legal Business Name  For individuals, enter the name of the person who will do business with NYS as it appears on the Social Security card or other required Federal tax documents. An organization should enter the name shown on its charter or other legal documents that created the organization. Do not abbreviate names.

  • Organization Type  Check the Entity Type doing business with New York State: Not-for-Profit, For Profit, Tribal Organization, Governmental Entity, or Individual. Select one.

  • Purpose                              

    • New SFS Registration  Select this option if your organization is not already registered as a vendor in SFS. Access to Grants Management will be provided as part of your initial registration.  Download, Complete, and Attach the Substitute W-9 Upload: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

    • Access Grant Management Existing SFS Vendors only.  Select this option if your organization is already an SFS vendor but has not been provided access to Grants Management. Provide your SFS Vendor ID.

Section 2: Authorization

  • This section must contain information on the Head of the Organization (for example, the Chief Administrative Officer, Executive Director, CEO or comparable title).

  • Enter the Last Name, First Name, Title, Phone Number and Email Address for the Head of the Organization.

  • The Head of the Organization must sign and date the form. 

Registration Help


Help Desk: Contact the Help Desk at [email protected] for assistance with your registration form.

Forms for Download

All organizations that wish to register with SFS y must complete and email the Registration Form to [email protected].

Organizations that do not yet have an SFS Vendor ID must also fill out and email the Substitute W-9 Form.



    Substitute W9 Form

    If your organization does not already have a New York State SFS Vendor ID, download, complete, and attach the Substitute W-9 Form to the completed Registration Form for Administrators and the Grants Management team will obtain one on your behalf.