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The SFS Vendor Portal provides a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in identifying New York State grant funding opportunities. Anyone can access the Grant Opportunity Portal. A username and password are not necessary to view anticipated and available grant opportunities. 

Opportunities for funding can be identified in the SFS Vendor Portal. Viewers can review the Grant Opportunity Overview and Details  or access the full Request for Proposal (RFP) by clicking on the View Grant Opportunity button at the bottom on the opportunity profile. 

Visitors can also sign-up to receive email notifications whenever a State agency posts a grant opportunity. 

To apply for and manage grants, visitors will need to obtain access to SFS, the State’s online grant management system. 


Find Opportunities

Visitors can Search for specific grant opportunities using the following criteria:


  • Event ID: Searchby Event ID (if known)
  • Grant Opportunity: Search for whole or partial names and words
  • Due Date Range: Search on due date range
  • Status: Search for opportunities that are currently available, anticipated, available and anticipated, or closed
  • Eligibility: Search for opportunities open to specific types of applicants, including Not-For-Profit, For Profit, Governmental Entity, Tribal Organization, or Individual
  • Funding Agency: Search for opportunities offered by a specific State agency
  • Service Area: Search for opportunities based specific areas of service, including Education Supports, Family Supports, Health Services, Housing and Shelter Services, Justice Services, Workforce Development, Agricultural Supports, Environmental Supports, Public Transportation Services, Public Safety Supports, and/or Government Supports 


Receive Notifications

Visitors can sign up to receive email alert notifications based on chosen service areas when new funding opportunities are posted. This simple process requires little more than an email address.


Service Areas:

Health and Human Services

Education Supports

Family Supports

Health Services

Housing and Shelter Services

Justice Services

Workforce Development


Non Health and Human Services

Agricultural Supports

Environmental Supports

Public Transportation Supports

Public Safety Supports

Government Supports


NOTE: Users can choose one, some, or all service areas.  To be notified of all grant opportunities, choose all.


Receive NotificatiONS