State agency worker compiling a Master Contract for Grants

Resources for State Agencies

Making NYS Grant Contracts Simple
The Master Contract for Grants
State agencies executing contracts for a grant recipients that exceed $10,000 must use a standardized contract document which includes a number of required and optional sections. When combined, these sections create the approved New York State Master Contract for Grants.
How to Construct a Master Contract for Grants
Easy to Follow Guide

Each completed Master Contract for Grants (MCG) must contain the following documents in the following order:

  1. Face Page
  2. Signature Page
  3. Standard Terms and Conditions
  4. Attachment A-1: Program Specific Terms and Conditions
  5. Attachment A-2: Federally Funded Grants (Optional)
  6. Expenditure Based Budget
  7. Performance Based Budget
  8. Capital Based Budget
  9. Attachment C: Work Plan
  10. Attachment D: Payment and Reporting Schedule
For Grants Under $10,000
Additional Grant Options for Smaller Grants
Grants Under $10,000

For grants under $10,000, agencies should use the State of New York Letter of Agreement in lieu of the Master Contract for Grants.

Vendors with Total Grants $5,000, or less

For vendors with total grants of $5,000, or less, an agency can utilize the Vendor Integrity Questionnaire.