State agency worker compiling a Master Contract for Grants

Resources for State Agencies

Making NYS Grant Contracts Simple
The Contract for Grants
State agencies executing contracts for a grant recipients that exceed $10,000 must use a standardized contract document which includes a number of required and optional sections. When combined, these sections create the approved New York State Contract for Grants.
How to Construct the Contract for Grants
Easy to Follow Guide

Each completed Contract for Grants must contain the following documents in the following order:

  1. Face Page
  2. Signature Page
  3. Standard Terms and Conditions
  4. Appendix A: Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts
  5. Attachment A-1: Agency Specific Terms and Conditions
  6. Attachment A-2: Program Specific Terms and Conditions
  7. Attachment A-3: Federally Funded Grants and Requirements Mandated by Federal Laws (Optional)
  8. Contract Period Summary Page
  9. Expenditure Based Budget
  10. Performance Based Budget
  11. Capital Based Budget
  12. Attachment C: Work Plan
  13. Attachment D: Payment and Reporting Schedule
For Grants Under $10,000
Additional Grant Option for Smaller Grants

For grants under $10,000, agencies should use the State of New York Letter of Agreement in lieu of the Contract for Grants.  


letter of agreement