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Transition to SFS

Transition to SFS

The Grants Management team is pleased to announce that in the coming year, New York will transition grantmaking activities from the Grants Gateway to the Statewide Financial System (SFS).  Following the transition, the Grants Gateway will be retired and SFS will become the State’s new enterprise grants management system.


This transition is based on successes to date and sets the stage for expanded grant making activities.  Many improvements are envisioned, including paperless registration and an enhanced prequalification interface.  The Grants Management team will continue to support all aspects of  State grantmaking, including:


  • Ensuring a user friendly and intuitive SFS solution
  • Preparing for a seamless conversion
  • Promoting Agency and grantee business process transformation
  • Supporting day-to-day nonprofit activities


This webpage has been established to keep current and future grantees advised of key project information and will be updated regularly.  Not-for-Profits are strongly encouraged to attend quarterly meetings of the Not-for-Profit Contracting Advisory Committee as project updates, including information about how to prepare for the transition, will be made available at each session.  Previous presentations to the Committee are provided below for your convenience. 


For more information about the Not-for-Profit Contracting Advisory Committee, including registration information for upcoming meetings (once available), please visit the New York State Nonprofit Unit's website.